The default search on the web site will search multiple areas for words matching your phrase.  It automatically searches in product SKU, model number, and all description fields.  Unfortunately, the search phrase you type must match a word exactly.  You can use wildcards (*) to search for part of a word so the results will match.  You can only use wildcards in the beginning or end.  Using them in the middle of a search phrase does not work.  The system will think the * is part of the word you are searching, for example, CLA*75 will not return any results. 

Be careful with singular and plural words.  Searching for "doll" will not match product descriptions with the word "dolls" because they are not the same.  The best way to search for words is to search for "doll*" to find everything that has doll or dolls in the description. 

You can use logical operators for a more powerful search.  Valid operators are AND, OR, NOT.  See Examples below. 

For example:

I want to find all products that start with CLA75.  Type: CLA75*.

I want to find all glues in the system.  Type: glue*.

I want to find all candy in a jar.  Type: candy jar.  The system will find products that have both "candy" and "jar" in the description.  The results will return "Candy Cane Jar" and "Jar of Candy". 

I want to find all tacky glues.  Type: Tacky AND glues.  The system will find products that have both "Tacky" and "Glues" in the description.  The operator AND is the default search when more than one phrase exists.  You could just type "tacky glues" and you would get the same results.   

I want to find all tacky glues but not gallon bottles.  Type Tacky AND NOT gallon, Tacky and not gallon, or tacky not gallon.  The system will match all products that are tacky glues not sold by the gallon.  Searching for "Tacky not 4" to exclude all 4 oz jars does not work.  The word "4" is not indexed. 

I want to find all stripwood that is 1/32 size.  Type: stripwood 1/32.  The system will search for the phrase "stripwood" and  "1/32".  You do not need commas.  These characters are ignored by the search.  The system will find "stripwood, 1/32 x 1/2". 

I don't know the product prefix but the number is 00072.  Type: 00072 or *72.  The system will match the product model number for CLA00072 - Bedding Set.